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Was ist SmartControl? 

Die SmartControl-Technologie sorgt für eine besonders intuitive Bedienung. Auf Knopfdruck starten und stoppen Sie das Wasser. Auch die Strahlarten der Kopfbrause wechseln Sie so einfach und ganz bequem. Oder Sie verwenden die Hand- und Kopfbrause gleichzeitig. Die Wassermenge stellen Sie einfach durch Drehen der Knöpfe ein. Die Wassertemperatur stellen Sie dank Thermostat aufs Grad genau ein. Bequemer geht es nicht!

Die SmartControl-Technologie finden Sie in folgenden GROHE Armaturen-Serien:

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What Makes GROHE SmartControl Unique?

Get the best out of your shower with the unique features of GROHE SmartControl

SmartControl technology ensures intuitive operation of the shower. Start and stop the water at the touch of a button. You can also change the jet types of the overhead shower easily and completely.

You will find the SmartControl technology in the following GROHE series:

How Does GROHE SmartControl Work?

Showering with GROHE SmartControl is even smarter, thanks to the advanced technology

The SmartControl series by GROHE is an intuitive control that simply delivers you a perfect showering experience every day. It is one of the best technologies out there that gives you the power to influence every aspect of your shower, helping you to relish the best showering moment and indulge into a state of relaxation.

The SmartControl technology comes with fully coordinated design options. With an easy to push to start and stop button, you can conveniently adjust the water flow. The control panel is endowed with high precision and intuitive control choice.

Bringing everything at your fingertips with the intelligent GROHE SmartControl that lets you rediscover the touch of water. As per your mood and requirement, you can surround yourself with summer rain droplets or an exciting form of a more powerful water flow for a soothing shower to start your day. You can even choose which degree of water works best for you. All of these with just the touch of a button.

When you switch to GROHE SmartControl, you actually transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven. You have the freedom to mix and match to make a functional, harmonized, and attractive shower system for your bathroom. Combine GROHE SmartControl 310 with thermostatic mixer for a complete refreshing showering experience. Among other variants that you can choose include GROHE Euphoria SmartControl, or GROHE Essence SmartControl to look for.

Experience Shower Pleasure with the Power of Three

Choose the temperature and water flow as per your mood

  • Powerful

You can use GROHE SMARTCONTROL to control the strength of the spray. You can choose from powerful jet sprays to rinse away shampoo, or you can choose a concentrated spray to massage away the stress.

  • Flexible

The GROHE SmartControl provides a provision to control the water flow - simply turn the dial to adjust it to your preference. Choose your spray: From delicate sprays to refreshing showers - your shower, just the way you want it.

  • Relaxing

With gentler options from GROHE SMARTCONTROL, you can relax and unwind. Whether it's a refreshing summer rain shower or a soft rain shower, simply turn up the volume for the ultimate summer downpour. You can check out GROHE Rainshower SmartControl 360 Duo for a summer rain shower experience.

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