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If you choose to upgrade your bathroom with a functional hand shower, GROHE hand showers are a great option. Installing a GROHE hand shower for the bathroom will not only give you a pleasurable showering experience everyday but will also add value to the bathing space.

Consider these advantages of installing a hand shower before choosing one:

  • Hand showers enable you to reach hard to reach areas and are perfect for rinsing your hair quickly and efficiently. Now, you don’t have to worry about missing soap suds on the back!

  • The hand shower can be quickly replaced with an existing shower system. It can also be combined with different shower bars, hoses and taps.

  • Hand showers are also ideal for showering patients, children and pets without getting wet. It is practical for washing your hair above the bathtub or for quickly washing your feet.

  • A fixed shower head allows large quantities of water to flow down as you shower. However, a handheld hand shower helps with conserving water and keeping your bills in check. A hand shower such as GROHE Euphoria Cosmopolitan is one stylish option that conserves water.

Technology That Saves Precious Resources

Relaxing shower, easy to maintain

GROHE hand shower range offers a certain versatility in the shower. Unlike side or head showers, it can be used flexibly because it is not fixed to walls or the ceiling. In order to offer the best shower experience, GROHE’s hand showers use technologies that make sense. Below is listed the technologies used in hand showers by GROHE:

  • DreamSpray

The GROHE DreamSpray exhibits filigree processing and technology that enables an even distribution of the water to all nozzles of the GROHE shower range. Irrespective of which spray pattern you choose, you will get uninterrupted water flow for a relaxing bath.

  • SpeedClean

Limescale deposit due to hard water is one of the common issues in the bathroom. The deposit of limescale on the nozzles of your shower not only restricts the flow of water from the nozzles of the shower but also makes it look visually unappealing. The SpeedClean technology by GROHE prevents limescale deposits from settling down permanently on the shower nozzles – you can simply clean it by wiping it with your finger or a cloth.

  • EcoJoy

GROHE EcoJoy technology is one of the most innovative inventions when it comes to a functional bathroom and saving the environment. Choosing a GROHE EcoJoy hand shower such as GROHE Euphoria helps in saving water and energy. This technology reduces water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on water flow.

Extensive Range of Showers for Your Bathroom

Sound functionality in various designs

GROHE offers hand showers in several design series: Tempesta, Euphoria, GROHE Rainshower, Power & Soul and Grandera. The hand shower heads of different series have various forms, such as square, round or cylindrical shapes, such as the tube hand shower.

You can choose between classic hand showers with only one type of spray or a hand shower with up to four types of spray. Thus, you can enjoy different shower programs and relaxing massages.

The handle of the GROHE hand shower is usually made of classic chrome, while the surface responsible for sprays is often in bright colours. GROHE also offers coloured hand showers in its product range, such as the Rainshower Icon series. The head showers are available in orange, red, blue or purple and in natural colours such as granite or sandstone. The halo design of the award-winning Rainshower® Icon model overturns conventions and gives your bathroom an elegant look. The shape also ensures lower water consumption, even if the water spray is strong.

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