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Duravit Bluebox at xTWOstore

Duravit Bluebox’s Oval Range: Washbowls, Bathtubs, Quartz Consoles and mores

The aristocratic premium Bluebox series from Duravit brings you the best of bathtubs, washbasins, consoles, mirrors and vanity units. Each of these products are made with the best materials gathered from around the world, and crafted with the excellence that Duravit carries since 1817. Duravit Bluebox series brings a rich, elegant, and nordic touch to your bathroom through the combined brilliance of sheer white colours and delightfully crafted American walnut consoles. Duravit Bluebox bathroom furnitures are shaped in such a manner that they perfectly fit every nook and corner of your modern bathroom by giving it a rich and lavish feel. The Duravit Bluebox legacy is crafted by the Danish designer Cecile Manz, who adheres to the Scandinavian designing principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality with the help of graceful material found in nature. >>Read more

Duravit's Bluebox Products

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Summary of bathroom furniture from the Duravit Bluebox Series

Every product from the Duravit Bluebox series gives your bathroom a wholesome, rich and royal look.

The product ranges of the Duravit Bluebox series for your modern bathroom includes, Bathtubs, in multiple modes, including freestanding bathtub models

Countertop basins

Vanity units for multipurpose storage and usage

Entire bathroom consoles that perfectly suits your bathrooms

Excellent Scandinavian designs with accurate oval, soft and smooth edges

Well-suited surfaces with durable and attractive materials like quartz stone and solid wood.

Slimmest ceramic edges powered by DuraCeram® and DuraSolid®

Colourful and unique designs that exceed all expectations

Bathroom furniture and other products like Duravit Me by Starck series of toilets and bidets along with C1 taps go well with this series of Duravit Bluebox.

Duravit Bluebox Bathroom Furniture

Selective bathroom furniture crafted with handpicked materials from around the world

You can have a wide range of choices to design and customize your modern bathrooms, thanks to the distinct bathroom furniture from the Duravit Bluebox Series. The bathroom furniture perfectly fits all types of modern bathroom designs, bathroom interiors and architecture. Bathroom furniture from the Duravit Bluebox series ranges from vanity units and consoles that fit smaller rooms to larger master bathrooms that fit large bathtubs and modern shower systems.  

The vanity units combined with bathroom consoles come in multiple adjustable legs and are available in different colours like taupe, white, Nordic white, stone grey, light blue, dark blue, and more. 

The range of materials used in vanity units combined with consoles are;

American walnut (25 mm thick)

White quartz (20 mm thick)

Sand-coloured quartz ( 20 mm thick)

Grey quartz (20 mm thick)

Duravit Bluebox Countertop Basins

Selective bathroom furniture crafted with handpicked materials from around the world

Duravit Bluebox Countertop Basins with Tap Ledge at xTWOstore Duravit Bluebox Countertop Basin without Tap Ledge at xTWOstore

The Duravit Bluebox Countertop Basins are made with fine artistry and superior design schemes of strong ceramic materials from DuraCeram®. The Duravit Bluebox Countertop Basins comes with designer wash basins and an optional tap ledge to ensure maximum functionality apart from the designs. The basins for this series are made with a Wondergliss surface finish which keeps the ceramic shiny and easy for maintenance. You can surf through our online store to check out multiple ranges of products from Duravit Bluebox Countertop basin models. You can also opt for wider units that accommodate two washbasins.

Duravit Bluebox Mirrors

Heterogeneously designed round mirrors and LED mirrors for your modern bathrooms

The high-quality, strong and durable mirrors from the Duravit Bluebox Mirrors series have smooth, rounded corners and contactless control knobs, giving them a great, wall-mounted look. Also, the mirrors in the series are designed with an upgradable, non-glare LED lighting system of up to 300 lux intensity and an anti-fogging system to prevent fog accumulations caused inside your bathrooms. The Duravit Bluebox Mirrors are available in different sizes and dimensions that fit all bathroom furniture, consoles and vanity units

Duravit Bluebox Bathtubs

Majestic collection of spacious high-gloss white ceramic bathtubs

Duravit Bluebox bathtubs are designed to offer maximum space and comfort to provide you with the most relaxing bathing experience every morning. A rejuvenating bath can lead to a prosperous day, and Duravit’s Bluebox bathtubs series bathtub variants that include freestanding bathtubs, Whirlpools and corner bathtubs. All the Bluebox series bathtubs are made of solid and durable DuraSolid® materials consisting of naturally found materials mixed with resins. The Duravit Bluebox Series bathtubs are highly spacious with thin edges. You can dive and relax with these Duravit Bluebox bathtubs for an amazing and relaxing bathing experience. You can also have the Whirlpool system available for back to wall bathtubs and corner bathtubs. The Bluebox bathtubs are touch operated with mild touch options and also come with water overflow protection and Bluetooth enabled audio system to give you a soothing experience for a relaxed bathing experience. 


Duravit Bluebox Freestanding Bathtub at xTWOstore Duravit Bluebox Whirlpool Bathtub at xTWOstore


The Duravit Bluebox series combined with ME by Starck toilets and bidets along with C.1 tap to give your bathrooms a stunning look.



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