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They can be fitted with either a traditional or water-saving flush system. They also come in various design options that you can choose from. These toilets go by this name because the bowl and cistern are closely coupled together. This new variation of toilet has been widely adopted for use in many different parts of the world. With these, you can make your washroom look more modern and traditional at the same time. It can also suit many different bathroom styles and themes.

Now, you might wonder how these work? Well, Both the toilet bowl and cistern are interconnected. Thus, allow water to release from the cistern into the bowl. Pressing the button or its handle are the two easiest ways of doing it. Most models come with the options of anything between a 3-6 litre flushes. Hence, putting you in charge of your home’s water consumption and water wastage. Our range of close coupled toilets come from top manufacturers in Germany, which  include DURAVIT, Geberit, GROHE, Ideal Standard, and Villeroy & Boch.

Choose the Best Close Coupled Toilets from A Wide Range of Series

xTWOstore offers a varied range of close coupled toilets for high-end bathrooms

Our range of close coupled baths comes from an extensive list of top brands. The choice from our products is made after looking over 20 series types. This diversifies your options for selecting that one best piece, which resonates with your bathroom theme. These series include Avento, Bau Ceramic, Cube Ceramic, Connect Air, Connect, Darling New, DuraStyle, Essence, Euro Ceramic, iCon, ME by Starck, O.novo, O.novo Vita, Starck 1, Starck 2, Starck 3, SoftMood, Subway 2.0, Tonic II, Venticello, and 1930. Our range as of now is available in glittering White only, which is one of the best selling colors for toilets. White toilets are also easy to maintain and look absolutely new across their entire lifespan.

There are, however, a variety of shapes and sizes available to pick from. The minute difference in design makes these pieces unique and distinct. Be it a GROHE Bau Ceramic, or a GROHE Euro Ceramic, or simply an Ideal Standard Connect Air. Our range of distinct toilets makes each of them an eye-pleasing choice for your bathrooms and homes.



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